Who We Are

We are passionate about technology, internet, communications, networks & anything related to computers.

History of Beanz Group dates back to mid 1999 where eight explorative, curious and enthusiasts met together in a college. All of them were in their early twenties, ready to accept challenges in the world of computers and internet.

The name "Beanz" adapted from computer programming language Java (Java Beans) and formed Beanz Group.

Beanzly has a simple yet focused vision, to provide communication tools and customized solutions to it's customers using industry standard, secure & intelligent communications tools.

From writing C++ programs to making IRC chat rooms or typing repeatedly "SELECT * FROM EMPLOYEE" the famous SQL query in computer lab was fun.

We are not far from you in this connected world.

To connect with us drop in an email at info@beanzly.com.


We are committed to provide quality service to our customers. Our services includes audio conferencing, phone number privacy and custom solutions for businesses. We continue to expand operations through our partners.